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About The Designer

I am a woman who has always had an eye for fashion, it’s my first love….. it’s who I am!!!!! I started making handmade handbags as a hobby after the birth of my eldest over twenty years ago. Eventually, life got busy and my life took on a life of its own. Fast forward, nineteen years later and after the death of my husband due to Sarcoma, I found my love again, Era Handmade Handbags! Every bag is handmade with the intention of providing the best workmanship. Each bag is unique and made with the hopes of making all women feel even more amazingly beautiful and free to just be. I want women to be empowered by being comfortable in their own skin, being true to themselves and setting trends, not following them. I want for all to step outside THAT box of tradition and OWN it, especially when rocking an Era Handmade Handbag.  My ultimate goal is for all women to feel their best when wearing one.

Era Handmade Handbags are housed in Long Beach, CA.

With every handbag sold, 10% will donated to the Sarcoma Foundation of America in honor of my late husband. I look forward to all of us owning IT, especially when rocking an Era Handmade Handbag!!!